European Innovating Minds

Contest Categories:

Prizes in four categories are awarded in the contest. One prize is awarded in each category. Each nomination can be submitted in several categories at the same time.



The prize is awarded for professional papers and projects in the field of social sciences and humanities, i.e. in the field of economics, history, ethnology, philosophy, linguistics, literary sciences, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, political science, law or other related fields that examine and describe the social and cultural impact of man and society.

The laureate will receive a financial contribution of ………….



The prize is awarded for professional papers and projects in the fields of natural sciences dealing with the environment around us, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, geology, palaeontology, protection or improvement of the environment and other fields investigating living and inanimate nature (with the exception of physics and mathematics).

The laureate will receive a financial contribution of ………….



The prize is awarded for a project that theoretically or practically moves the current state of knowledge forward or enriches the current level, especially in the areas of computer science, robotics, electrical engineering, engineering, construction, industry or transport, physics or mathematics overlapping into possible applications.

The laureate will receive a financial contribution of ………….



The prize is awarded for professional papers and projects in the field of natural sciences dealing with human health, biological and chemical processes that contribute to the understanding of the function of the human organism or for papers and projects in the field of virology, microbiology, biomedicine and related fields, the results of which are related to human health.

The laureate will receive a financial contribution of ………….

The full statute will be published in early 2024.


  1. The award of the prizes is decided by a jury composed of the chairperson, vice-chairperson and 14 other members.

  2. The winners in each category are selected in two rounds. In the first round, all nominations meeting the contest requirements are handed over for assessment to the members of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic, which will select the 3 best papers in each category. These papers are submitted to the main, 16-member jury, which will determine the laureates in the given categories at its meeting, as well as the 2nd and 3rd place.

  3. The jury shall meet as necessary. The meeting is chaired by its chairperson or vice-chairperson in their

  4. The jury shall have a quorum if an absolute majority of its members is present.

  5. The jury shall decide by an absolute majority of the votes present. In the event of a tie vote,
    the chairperson of the jury or the deputy vice-chairperson shall have the deciding vote.

  6. The jury has the right to place the nominated paper in a category other than that specified in the application. The jury has the right not to award a prize in any category.

  7. The jury has the right to announce two winning papers in one category.

  8. If a contestant submits their papers to more than one category, the jury will evaluate only
    one, best placed paper.

  9. The jury may request expert opinions and views for the assessment of proposals.

  10. The jury shall not disclose the reasons for its decision

  11.  A written record of the jury meeting shall be made, signed by its chairperson or a representative authorized by them.

Conditions for participation

  1. The condition for the acceptance of the application is that the applicant had the status of a full-time student at a secondary school in the territory of a European country in the period not exceeding 12 months before the closing date or successfully completed their studies in this period.

  2. The applicant must have the nationality of one of the European countries.

  3. The submitted paper corresponds to the status of the contest and contains all the requirements.

Contest application and deadline

  1. The deadline for submitting applications is …………………. The date on which the paper is delivered to the contest organizer is decisive.

  2. The application may be submitted by individuals or teams of authors with a maximum of three members. They can apply by themselves. Other individuals, schools and other organizations can also nominate someone else’s paper.

  3. Applications shall be submitted exclusively in electronic form as a single file with the name according to the following template:

    Contest category code_name_surname_city.pdf

    Example: H4_john_smith_Prague.pdf

    Applications are sent only electronically, to the email address …………………………………..

  4. This file must contain:

    (a) a completed application form (see under the České hlavičky link);

    (b) an abstract;

    (c) a synopsis;

    (d) an expert opinion.

  5. All texts must be submitted exclusively in English.

  6. The paper can be nominated in more than one category. However, the jury will evaluate only one, best placed paper.

  7. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or not to announce a category.

Explanation and clarification of terms

1/ Application form

Available at and it contains:

(a) the name of the category applied for;

(b) the name of the submitted paper;

(c) the number of authors;

(d) the name and surname of the applicant;

(e) the applicant’s date of birth;

(f) the applicant’s permanent address, telephone, email;

(g) the applicant’s school address, phone, email;

(h) the applicant’s year of study;

(i) details of any co-authors;

(j) information on the participation of the submitted paper in other contests and placement.

2/ Abstract

This is a brief excerpt from the submitted paper in the maximum range of 1,800 characters (1 standard page).

3/ Synopsis

A detailed summary and description of the paper in the maximum range of 12,600 characters (7 standard pages). Photographs, charts and other visualizations are not included in this limit. Bibliographic citations and references are not included in the synopsis.

4/ Expert opinion

This is required for all categories. The opinion must not contain more than 1,800 characters (1 standard page); it must be signed by the evaluator (in the form of a scan of the opinion), their job position and address of the employer must be stated. The evaluator may work at the school or organization where the paper originated.

5/ Codes
of contest categories:

H1 = HUMAN prize

H2 = EARTH prize


H4 = HEALTH prize